Black Panther

Hey everyone! Today’s post is going up a bit later in the day, mainly due to the fact that I had a quiz this morning and studied until I fell asleep last night. I was able to watch Black Panther yesterday evening, and I had the most wonderful time. It was a movie that’d I’dContinue reading “Black Panther”

Romantic Comedies I’m Trash For

Hello again everyone! Today I’m bringing to you all a Valentine’s themed post – because who doesn’t love love! I know a lot of people may not be dating during Valentine’s Day, and that is totally fine. You don’t need a significant other to celebrate the holiday of love. Love is for everyone, share itContinue reading “Romantic Comedies I’m Trash For”


Hey guys! Since I went through a very horrible reading slump, a lot of what I did was TV and Movies. Therefore, I hope you guys are ready for the massive influx of posts about all the things I’ve watched. There is a lot. I’m starting with Gifted – because it was one of myContinue reading “Gifted”

Annabelle Creation

Hi guys! Today I am bringing to you a review of Annabelle Creation. I was excited to see this movie because I was a big fan of the Conjuring 1. Little did I know how terrifying this movie would end up being. I didn’t expect the amount of jump scares and scary bits this movieContinue reading “Annabelle Creation”

Hindi Movie Recommendations

Hey guys, so this is a slightly different post for my blog – but I really wanted to do this because of my weird need to re-watch a lot of older Hindi movies I used to watch as a kid! When I was younger I would watch more of these movies than anything else (IContinue reading “Hindi Movie Recommendations”

Girls Trip

Hey guys! This is going to be a bit of a late post – but better late than never right! Right? Anywho, today I wanted to talk about a movie that I recently watched – and LOVED. Girls trip is a newer movie that recently came out, and when I heard it was coming outContinue reading “Girls Trip”


This is a post that is very out of the ordinary for me. I’ve never really posted about television or movies on my blog before – but I felt as though this was the perfect place to start. After all, books tell a story, but so does film/television. I’m here to talk about (rave about)Continue reading “Suits”