5 Romance Novels I’d like to Read in February

February is a month that I never really used to care much about. Since starting to date my fiancé a couple years ago, I began seeing why it was such a fun month. I understand that some individuals think that Valentine’s day is redundant and that you should be showing your partner the same amountContinue reading “5 Romance Novels I’d like to Read in February”

January TBR

Typically January is the month I do the most reading. It’s a new year, there’s a new Goodreads reading goal, and I’m coming off of the Harry Potter re-read high that I always get after doing my annual re-read. This year is no different. As I’m writing this I am already 4 novels into myContinue reading “January TBR”

January TBR

This is a late post, I know. I wanted to post it anyways, so I could look back at it and remember how naive I was at assuming how many books I could read in a month…. This month my goals were steep because usually I am the most productive at the beginning of theContinue reading “January TBR”

August TBR

Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing to you all my August TBR! This TBR is a bit ambitious, especially since I have to spend the majority of this month studying for my nursing certification test, but I think that I can somehow do it! There is a lot to talk about for this post, so I’mContinue reading “August TBR”

March TBR + Announcement

Hello everyone! I hope the some of you have noticed that recently I have done a total re-do of my blog. I hope you all love it, it’s something that I’m really enjoying right now. It’s still very precise and I have organized the title images by colours to correlate to different genre’s of post’sContinue reading “March TBR + Announcement”

Series I Want to Start This Year

Hello everyone! Seeing as how I haven’t finished another book yet (I’m working on it, I promise), I figured I’d talk about a couple series I’d like to finally, at least, start this year.  That’s basically the gist of the post!  Enjoy.