About Me

IMG_1282 Hello dear reader, my name is Rimpy and I am a part-time nurse and part-time book blogger. This blog is basically my way of destressing after all of my exams/keeping myself sane.

I’ve wanted to start a book blog for a while now and I figured that there was no point in waiting and decided to get started. I am still very new at this so I’d appreciate all of the constructive criticism you can give me! – just don’t be too rough on me.

I’m going to try to post on this blog as often as I can, but please don’t be upset if I miss a week! – it’s probably because I had several tests and couldn’t finish a book in time to set a review up for it. Although, sometimes I do read more than one book in a weekend so I will try to pre-write some blog posts!

That’s about all I have for my about me section. I hope you guys enjoy my blog and be sure to check out all of my other social media accounts! – also hit that follow button if you enjoy my blog!