about me

Welcome to my world. This website was created so I could share every aspect with my crazy life. 

I am 24 years old, but act much older than I am. A few of my favourite things include: going to sleep before 10pm, staying at home to play board games instead of going to the club, and watching double features of wheel of fortune and jeopardy every day after work. 

My weeks consist of working Monday to Friday as an OR nurse and spending the weekends trying to catch up on my reading and laundry.

I have a wonderful fiancé and an adorable, energy filled puppy. We like to spend as much time together as humanly possible. 

When I’m not at home with my boys, I’m out doing things with some of my friends (don’t worry I’m always home before bedtime).

I hope you all enjoy reading my everyday musings. I’ll try to keep this website updated as much as possible, of course there will be times I won’t be very active, but I hope you guys go easy on me. I’m trying I promise!

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