Visit Vancouver: Bookstores

Hey everyone!

Today I have a slightly different blog post for you all! I was out today with my friend and we went to Vancouver to shop and visit bookstores. I found so many different bookstores that I’d never heard about, and all of them sold used books, which was incredible for my wallet!

I don’t know about you, but I love just being in a bookstore and enjoying the environment. I can just empty my mind and look at some amazing novels, it’s such a calming atmosphere filled with book lovers!

If you live close to Vancouver, or are planning on visiting any time soon, definitely check all of these beautiful bookstores out!

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What’s in my Purse Pouch

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to do a what’s in my purse pouch blog post. I don’t know about you guys, but I am a very big over packer. Anywhere I go I will pack anything and everything I might need, just in case.

This compulsion has transferred into my purse needs as well, which I have tried to keep organized by containing all my goodies into a small pouch! This pouch is also amazing because I have a habit of switching out my purses constantly, and it would be quite annoying to transfer everything over if it was all over my bag!

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Wishlist Wednesday: Chapters – Deals of the Week

Hello everyone!

Today I’m doing something a bit different.

Being Canadian, it is in my blood to be obsessed with Indigo (Chapters), which is a Canadian book store. It is so much more than just a book store, with items including handbags, stationary, candles, home goods as well as so much more. It is basically heaven on earth.

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