Wonder Week Aug 25 – Sept 1: Cast Your Book

Hello everyone!

As you all know, Wonder Week is starting this Friday, August 25th! I hope you all are planning on joining! This week is going to be a whole lot of fun and definitely something I hope everyone will want to take a part in.

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Wonder Week TBR: August 25th – September 1st

Hello everyone!

It is almost time for the long awaited Wonder Week to begin. It starts tomorrow and I wanted to share my TBR for the week with all of you!

This TBR will contain more than 5 novels incase I decide to change my mind for a couple, but I will definitely only be trying to read the basic 5 novels.

I’m going to add in the BINGO board for the read-a-thon below for reference!

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Monday’s Moments: Ryann the Reader

Hello everyone!

Welcome back for another Monday’s Moments!!

In this series I feature different bloggers as they discuss why they started their blog as well as any likes/dislikes they have about blogging.

This series is something that I thought would be wonderful forĀ all of us bloggers to read to gain some insight into what kinds of problems other have with blogging.

Today we have Ryann from Ryann the Reader!

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Movie Madness: Annabelle Creation

Hi guys!

Today I am bringing to you a review of Annabelle Creation. I was excited to see this movie because I was a big fan of the Conjuring 1. Little did I know how terrifying this movie would end up being.

I didn’t expect the amount of jump scares and scary bits this movie would have.

Here’s a hint.

There were a lot.

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Favourites of the Week: August 11th-18th

Hello everyone!

I’m back again with another favourites post. This is a post I’ve been really looking forward to making again because it makes me excited to talk about all the things I love during the week. Also a lot of you seemed to enjoy it last week so I’m happy to bring another addition!


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5 Ways I Procrastinate

Hey guys!

Today for Whatever Wednesday I wanted to talk about procrastination.

I for one, am a very big procrastinator. It happens when I’m in reading slums, when I have a test, or anything else important I need to do. It’s horrible.

There are many ways that I procrastinate and I wanted to mention all the different ways in this post!


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Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller (Spoiler-Free Review)

Hi guys!

Today I have a review to bring you, that I’m quite excited to write. Recently I’ve been in a bit of a book slump and I’ve had a hard time finding time to sit down and read instead of watch Netflix 24/7. This unfortunately hasn’t changed much, but I did have a great time reading this book and finished it in two sittings – which I think is pretty good for where I’m at right now.

This is a great novel for when you’re in a reading slump because it moves so fast, so I’m very glad I decided to pick this one up.

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Monday’s Moments: Bound to Writing

Hey guys,

So I wanted to start a new series on my blog which will feature all types of different bloggers.

In this post I’ll feature 1 to 2 bloggers who will discuss the reason they started blogging, what they like/dislike about it, or any amazing moments of problems that have occurred since having their blog!

Today’s blogger highlight is Jenn from Bound to Writing!


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Favourites of the Week: Aug 4th – 11th

Hey guys! So I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog called Favourites of the Week. This series will basically recap the things I loved the week prior.

This can include:

  • movies
  • books
  • people
  • memories
  • tv
  • makeup?
  • clothing

and everything in between!

I really wanted to start incorporating more things that aren’t just book reviews in my blog (don’t worry there will still be lots of those) and I thought this would be a great addition!

I hope you enjoy – comment down below if you like this idea or if it’s just a little too weird for my blog and I should not do it.

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