Top Ten Tuesday ~ Best Covers

Hey everyone! Welcome back for another Top Ten Tuesday post! I know I started this and then skipped a couple Tuesday’s, but I am back and ready to share! This week I wanted to talk about my top ten favourite covers – that I’ve recently been loving! Let’s get into it!

Top Ten Tuesday ~ Amnesia

Hey everyone! So I’m trying out a new series on my blog, which will feature 10 books every Tuesday. In this series I’ll talk about 10 books relating to the topic I’ve picked for the week! This week I wanted to talk about 10 books that made me wish I had amnesia so I couldContinue reading “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Amnesia”

Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag! This is a tag that goes over the books that I’ve read so far for the year and allows me to share my stats and well as answer some questions about the books I’ve read so far! I’m going to quite babbling because I think thisContinue reading “Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag”

2018 Re-reads

Hey everyone! Today I’m bringing you all a post about what books I plan on re-reading this year. There are so many books that I loved and have been wanting to re-read, so I think I’m going to do one re-read per month for the rest of the year! So here is my list ofContinue reading “2018 Re-reads”

5 Star Book Predictions

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to do something a bit different for you all. Looking at my TBR shelf I am overwhelmed with how many books I have yet to read, so today I’m going to predict how many of those books I think will be 5 star reads! Alright, not much more to talkContinue reading “5 Star Book Predictions”

How to Balance Life and Reading

Hello everyone! Today I am going to write about how to balance life and reading. This is always a struggle for me when I start to get busy and have a lot of things to do throughout the day or week, so I figured I’d share my experiences and tips for anyone else who isContinue reading “How to Balance Life and Reading”

Top 5 Books I’ll Probably Never Read

Hey everyone! Today I have a post that I’ve been thinking about making for quite a while now. There are always books that I see around that are incredibly hyped and well loved, but I don’t have the urge to read them, despite how much everyone loves them. So here are the 5 books thatContinue reading “Top 5 Books I’ll Probably Never Read”

The Greatest Showman Book Tag

Hello everyone! I watched The Greatest Showman a couple days ago and fell completely in love. This movie was one that I was positive I was going to love, it just took me a while to get to watching it. I’m so happy that it was everything I wanted and more. I was raving aboutContinue reading “The Greatest Showman Book Tag”