What’s in my Purse Pouch

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to do a what’s in my purse pouch blog post. I don’t know about you guys, but I am a very big over packer. Anywhere I go I will pack anything and everything I might need, just in case. This compulsion has transferred into my purse needs as well, whichContinue reading “What’s in my Purse Pouch”

Wishlist Wednesday: Chapters – Deals of the Week

Hello everyone! Today I’m doing something a bit different. Being Canadian, it is in my blood to be obsessed with Indigo (Chapters), which is a Canadian book store. It is so much more than just a book store, with items including handbags, stationary, candles, home goods as well as so much more. It is basicallyContinue reading “Wishlist Wednesday: Chapters – Deals of the Week”

An Ode to Planning

Hey everyone! If you visit my page often you probably consider me to be mainly someone who is obsessed with books and reading. Which is absolutely true. BUT I am more than books guys! I AM! There is a part of my life that I don’t think I’ve talked about on this blog at all,Continue reading “An Ode to Planning”