The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

Welcome back everyone!

I don’t know how long it has been since I’ve posted a book review, but I am back and ready to share a recent read of mine!

This is a novel that everyone and their mother has been talking about and it definitely drew my attention.

I initially started reading this book through an audiobook on my drives to work.

I have noticed that I seem to have a lot of trouble listening to books narrated by a British narrator, my brain can’t seem to get itself around the accent and that unfortunately takes away from my reading experience.

Despite that, I continued to read this book and by the end I was very, very glad that I did.

This novel definitely was a slow burn. I have a really hard time getting into slow burn novels, but I realize at the end of every slow burn that I finish, how much I enjoy them. That’s exactly what happened with this novel, and it was well worth the work.

Moving on to the actual novel.

***First I’d like to start with a trigger warning for suicide in this novel, so if that is something that you avoid in novels please be aware of it. That being said, it is not graphic whatsoever, but there are moments they bring it up. ***

This novel follows a woman who decides to commit suicide due to a myriad of situations effecting her, many of which we are shown in the beginning pages of this novel.

After her “death” she meets her childhood librarian in The Midnight Library where she is told she can visit the lives in which she made different choices.

I won’t go too in depth into the plot of this novel because I do think it’s better to have a little bit of mystery surrounding the plot of this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of this novel, and it was one of the main reasons I decided to pick it up.

Seeing and hearing about how one choice changed her entire life was such an interesting concept to follow and it was definitely fun to join her on her adventures in these lives she got to visit.

I did have one minor issue with this aspect of the novel, but I will talk about that at the bottom of this post in the spoiler section.

Overall, this novel was beautiful and the overall theme of it filled my heart with happiness. This novel definitely makes you think about the choices you decide to make and the repercussions of those choices. I definitely left it feeling uplifted but critical of the choices I make in my day to day life.


The biggest think that I found myself frustrated with was the fact that every life our main character visited she would have no shared memories with the version of here in the life she’s visiting.

You know what I mean?

For example she would visit her alternate self whilst they were swimming and is unable to remember where she lives in this reality. As well as, forgetting major people in her life.

This aspect of this novel gave me many issues, the main being the fact that I would get anxious that she wasn’t answering questions properly… The other issue I had with this was that it didn’t really give her a valid look at the life she was visiting.

That concludes my review for The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

I hope you enjoyed and I hope that what I’ve talked about will give you a good idea of whether you’d like to pick it up!

I’d definitely recommend picking this novel up, it was definitely worth it.

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