Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things by Jacqueline Firkins

Hey there everyone!

Surprise, surprise, I’m back again with yet another book review.

This book review is for a book that I was super excited to pick up because of my long lasting love for cheesy romance novels.

I had the pleasure of hearing Jacqueline Firkins talk at the last Raincoast Books Teens Read Preview I went to and I immediately knew I would fly through this novel once I picked it up.

And that is exactly what happened.

I’m going to stop chattering on and jump into my review for Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things!

Goodreads Rating: 4.11/5
Pages: 384 Pages
Release Date: December 17th, 2019
Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Romance


Mansfield, Massachusetts is the last place seventeen-year-old Edie Price wants to spend her final summer before college. It’s the home of wealthy suburbanites and prima donnas like Edie’s cousins, who are determined to distract her from her mother’s death with cute boys and Cinderella-style makeovers. Edie has her own plans, and they don’t include a prince charming.

But as Edie dives into schoolwork and applying for college scholarships, she finds herself drawn to two Mansfield boys who start vying for her attention. First there’s Sebastian, Edie’s childhood friend and first love. He’s sweet and smart and . . . already has a girlfriend. Then there’s Henry, the local bad boy and all-around player. He’s totally off limits, even if his kisses are chemically addictive.

Both boys are trouble. Edie can’t help but get caught between them. Someone’s heart is going to break. Now she just has to make sure it isn’t hers.

I had a lot of fun reading this novel. It gave me exactly what I was expecting from it, and that was some cute, cringe-worthy scenes.

In this novel we got to follow a love triangle, which I have to admit is my least favourite type of romance novel to read. Personally, I find myself always rooting for the guy everyone know’s the main character will never pick and that always disappoints me. I don’t like seeing a relationship built between two people and not continued because the supposed “connection” is better with the other guy.

Throughout this novel I found myself smiling at all the awkward situations and steamy kisses. It was a novel I flew through because I couldn’t get away from this story.

I would have to say that the main character wasn’t my favourite, but that is also a common thread for me when I read YA Romances. Maybe it’s because I wish it were me in that situation and I’m jealous? Or more likely, it’s because the main character always seems very one dimensional. That being said, I don’t expect these novels to have the best character growth or progression because the story isn’t entirely about that, it’s about the relationships being built.

The love triangle in this novel kind of came out of nowhere for me, if I hadn’t read the synopsis on the back of the book I never would have guessed where the novel was going. There were also a couple plot points that I noticed weren’t really built upon after they were introduced, so that was quite odd for me as well.

I know a lot of the things I’m saying make this novel sounds like it’s not good at all, but it’s the complete opposite for me. I live for these novels that don’t require much brain power to read. They are easy and give you a good mood because of the silly little moments that are happening.

I loved this novel until the ending, but thats just because personally I wouldn’t have picked who our main character ended up picking. It seemed very odd to me, but I’m sure someone out there would have been happy with this ending.

All in all, this novel is a fun and easy read that you’re going to devour in one sitting. It’s simple and cute and requires no effort to finish. Plus you’re totally going to fall in love with one or both of the boys.

That concludes my review for Hearts, Strings and Other Breakable Things by Jacqueline Firkins. Thanks so much for reading!

Until next time,

Rimpy Toor

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