The Language of Kindness by Christie Watson

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Today I have a review for a novel that is very near and dear to my heart. The Language of Kindness by Christie Watson is a novel of a nurse’s life and stories from her many years being a nurse.

This novel was provided to me by Penguin Random House in return for an honest review.

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Goodreads Rating: 4.2/5
Pages: 336 Pages
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Published: May 8th, 2018
Genre: Nonfiction, Autobiography, and Medical

Christie Watson spent twenty years working as a nurse, and in this intimate, poignant and remarkably powerful book, she opens the doors of the hospital and shares its secrets. She takes us by her side down hospital corridors to visit the wards and the patients who are unforgettable. In the neonatal unit, premature babies fight for their lives, hovering at the very edge of survival, like tiny Emmanuel wrapped up in a sandwich bag. In the cancer wards, the nurses administer chemotherapy and, long after the medicine stops working, something more important–which Watson recognizes when her own father is dying of cancer. In the mental health unit, Derek attempts to take his life. In the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Charlotte loses her legs following meningitis, and the nurses wash the hair of a little girl to remove the smell of smoke from a house fire. The emergency room is overcrowded as ever, with waves of alcohol and drug addicted patients, as well as patients like Betty, suffering chest pain, frail and alone. The stories of the geriatric ward–Gladys and older patients like her–show the plight of the most vulnerable members of our society.

In the smallest of actions, the most undervalued of professions provides the most vital care and kindness. All of us will touch illness in our lifetime, and we will all depend upon the support and dignity that nurses offer us in our most vulnerable moments; yet these women and men who form the vanguard of our health service remain largely behind the scenes and publicly unsung. Through the stories in this book comes an understanding of what we must value most dearly–the urgency of care and compassion.

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In this novel Nurse/Author Christie Watson lets us come along on the activity that occurred on her first day training as a nurse, walking through the halls and giving us a real time account of what she’s hearing and seeing.

We get to see her work through so many different specialties as a nurse, including: psychiatry, surgical, obstetrics, pediatric ICU, and many more.

Nurses have a reputation for being kind, it’s part of our DNA and I really love how this entire novel encapsulated that kindness in a wonderful way.

I got into nursing because I wanted to help people, and it’s amazing to finally finish school and get to that point and feel happy for what you’re doing for others.

There are so many moments as a nurse where you are thanked for being kind to a patient, or you do something that makes you go out of your way for an individual, and those moments make all the long hours and stressful situations so worth it.

In this novel we get to see Christie Watson tell us of all of those moments that made her love what she did, and make all of those hours and stress worth it.

It’s only disappointing that Christie was underpaid and under appreciated for all that she did. She struggled to make ends meet and suffered through shifts where they were understaffed and overworked.

All in all, if you have ever had any interest in the life of a nurse, or if you’re just looking for some amazing stories of how far basic kindness can go, I highly recommend you pick this novel up. It will open your eyes to the hard life a nurse lives, and that’s important to see because sometimes a nurse’s job is not valued to be as difficult as it is.

That concludes my review for The Language of Kindness by Christie Watson.

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