What’s in my Purse Pouch

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to do a what’s in my purse pouch blog post. I don’t know about you guys, but I am a very big over packer. Anywhere I go I will pack anything and everything I might need, just in case.

This compulsion has transferred into my purse needs as well, which I have tried to keep organized by containing all my goodies into a small pouch! This pouch is also amazing because I have a habit of switching out my purses constantly, and it would be quite annoying to transfer everything over if it was all over my bag!


Above is a overall picture of all the items that are in my purse pouch! I’ll have each item listed below!

  • Notepad – You never know when you’ll need something to write on! You can use any notepad, but mine is from Old English Co.
  • Perfume – I have a mini Chloe rollerball, but you can literally use any mini rollerball!
  • Travelo – This is a refillable perfume container. I love this for all of my huge body sprays that I obviously can’t bring with me wherever I go! It is the perfect size and you can literally put anything you want in it!
  • Lip balm – Lip balm is definitely an essential for me. I always seem to have chapped lips and it’s very important that I always carry lip balm with me. One of my favourite lip balms is Carmex, I can wear this and in a couple hours my lips will be super smooth and soft, it’s magical. I also have a Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine for the times I want to bring some color to my lips as well as hydrate them!
  • Pen – This goes along with the notepad, super important!
  • Cleansing Cloths – This is a new essential for me, especially during those times of the month where you don’t feel clean regardless of what you do! These are so amazing for on the go, I highly recommend!
  • Tampons – Self explanatory.
  • Flossing Sticks? – I don’t know exactly what these are called, but basically they’re floss. I love these for when I go out to eat and want to quickly give my teeth a once over after the meal. It’s never a fun experience having food stuck in your teeth and not being able to get it out!
  • Hand Sanitizer – This is also self explanatory. Germs are EVERYWHERE!
  • Pouch – My pouch is from Old English Co. and I love it. It’s super flexible and can fit so much into it!

One additional thing I love is the pin I have on my pouch. I got this pin from Old English Co. Pins are such a fun way to customize every day things, and recently I’ve been getting really into them!


I chose this pin because I thought it was super simple and cute. Plus I’m a huge “fingers crossed” person. I think that crossing your fingers will always tilt things in your favour, even just a little!


Old English Co. has so many beautiful pins and I definitely think they are wonderful quality. They don’t budge from where you place them, which is my biggest fear!

Currently Old English Co. is running a contest in which you can win a set of enamel pins from their new range! All you have to do is go to this page (https://oldenglishprints.com/pages/enamel-pin-competition-win-a-set-of-enamel-pins) and follow the rules for the contest!

The pins you can win are so beautiful and will compliment any thing you put them on!

Here are the pins you will win.


Super cute!

If you’d like to check out the other pins that Old English Co. carries, click here.

That concludes my What’s in my Purse Pouch blog post!

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to follow my blog as well as my other social media sites!

Until next time,

Rimpy Toor

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One thought on “What’s in my Purse Pouch

  1. I know what you mean about packing everything you *might* need. I don’t use a purse often, but I keep a little of everything in my backpack, including floss and nail clippers–bad tendency to break nails, especially in the winter.

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