Wishlist Wednesday: Chapters – Deals of the Week

Hello everyone!

Today I’m doing something a bit different.

Being Canadian, it is in my blood to be obsessed with Indigo (Chapters), which is a Canadian book store. It is so much more than just a book store, with items including handbags, stationary, candles, home goods as well as so much more. It is basically heaven on earth.

One thing that I love about going on the Chapters website is the Deals of the Week section. Being a university student that works a maximum of 15 hours a week, I don’t have much money, so being able to save wherever I can is amazing. Therefore, I love the Deals of the Week section because you can find such amazing items for great deals!

Anywho, today I wanted to bring in a new segment onto my blog called Wishlist Wednesday, where I can discuss some items that I am wanting desperately.

Here is a post discussing the top 5 items I want from Chapters Deals of the Week!

Let’s get into it!

#1: Faceted Vase – Matte Black

Original Price: $34.50C5BA60C0-B4CF-49C0-B4BC-34EE0736ABDA
Sale Price: $24.15
Purchase Here

This item is one that caught my eye right when I saw it. It’s a beautiful unique vase that I think would add to any space.

It is $10+ off and I think that is a great deal, especially something that is so beautiful and such high quality!



#2: Amaldat Tote


Original Price: $135
Sale Price: $81
Purchase Here

This bag is one that I find to be so different but something I think totally is my style! It’s a tote bag, which is one it’s own very useful, but it also has a longer strap which will be super helpful for those instances in which you don’t want to be holding the bag and having your hands occupied.

Additionally, the color is such a orange toned brown, and I think that is such an attractive color for a purse!

It also comes in grey if that’s a color more your style!

#3: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Original Price: $36477CCE1D-5008-47B5-9346-305D8AE4E3CD.jpeg
Sale Price: $25.20
Purchase Here

This novel is one that I have heard endless raves about, but still haven’t gotten around to purchasing it. It is a novel that I think I would definitely love a lot, so I really, really need to purchase is as soon as I can so I can read it!

I definitely think you all should check out Chapters online to purchase this novel, especially now since it’s over $10 off!




#4: Kate Spade Lemon Tumbler with Straw

Original Price: $229D17C95F-5942-40D1-9A4D-C1A307D593FC.jpeg
Sale Price: $16.50
Purchase Here

I am a sucker for any cute water bottles or tumblers. It is so hard for me to resist a cute design, especially when it’s not too expensive! This tumbler is so bright and pretty for summer time, and I am so desperate to purchase it.

I think these tumblers are amazing for keeping yourself hydrated as well. The use of the straw makes it so you don’t realize how much water you’re drinking, which will in the end make you drink more!

#5: Marble and Brass Box

Original Price: $69.50FD532E3E-6216-4DBB-ABA9-A66EA8A24A0F.jpeg
Sale Price: $52.12
Purchase Here

This box is so adorable and I think it would be the perfect box to hold all of my jewellery I find too precious to leave laying around. I think having pretty storage is a nice way to make your space look clean and beautiful at the same time, also if I find something that looks nice, I find myself wanting to use it a lot more than I usually would.

Also for something that is marble and this pretty, I think the price is pretty reasonable!

Alright everyone! That concludes my post discussing the top 5 items I want to purchase from Chapters!

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to follow my blog as well as my other social media sites linked below!

Until next time,

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