An Ode to Planning

Hey everyone!

If you visit my page often you probably consider me to be mainly someone who is obsessed with books and reading. Which is absolutely true.

BUT I am more than books guys! I AM!

There is a part of my life that I don’t think I’ve talked about on this blog at all, which is very odd seeing as how it is something that many people blog about, so I don’t know why I haven’t done something like this before!

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with stationary and planners and cute things (I mainly see at Chapters). Therefore when I had the opportunity to work with Old English Company I was thrilled.

This website is a stationary, homeware, and accessory heaven that I didn’t know about until now, which is a great shame in my life.

They sell everything from art prints, mugs, pins, planners, notepads/notebooks, coasters, and even the odd apron – which is why I compare it to the Chapters everything except the books section, because they’re oddly similar. If you’re not Canadian and don’t know what Chapters is, just trust me when I say it’s heaven on earth. Moving on.

This post isn’t going to be all about this website – as much as I’d love to discuss any and everything they sell – it’s going to be about planning, and what that’s really composed of for me.

Let’s jump into it.

Planners are items that are very personal to a person.

They have the ability to make one productive, but they are also great for being a creative release for people. Which is what I use them for.

Ever since I’ve started using a planner, I have never been able to keep up with using it for several months in a row without fail, my use always teeters off, and I think that’s because when I’m in a rush to figure out my schedule I just reach for my phone.

Planners for me are more of a – I need to use my highlighters and script pen to make something beautiful but I’m not creative enough to do actual art so let’s plan in my planner for 5 hours without stopping – kind of person. Which is totally fine.

A couple years back I fell into a hole of watching Plan With Me videos on YouTube constantly, and that’s what lead to me buying my very first (pricy-er) planner, which was the Happy Planner. The Happy Planner is a great planner for those who want to actually DO ART in their planners, get stickers, and go all out. In my Happy Planning Days I quickly realized that to fill the white open space in this Happy Planner I’m going to have to do some hardcore cut out and paste crafting that took up a lot of my time, which I eventually got sick of!

The place I’m in right now is where I’m actually in need of a basic every day planner in which I can actually plan. That doesn’t mean I want to give up on my cute planner needs either.

Coming to that happy medium is so easy, especially when there are so many amazing companies in the world that provide amazing planners that have great prints and are just overall cute!

This time around, I’ve decided to go with an Old English Company planner.

I know, I know, this was obviously coming seeing as how I mentioned them above, but this isn’t because I’m working with them. It’s because their planners the perfect blend of simple and cute that I really need in my life right now.

To round out this post I’d like to quickly discuss uses for a planner and the different ways I have tried planning, which you might also enjoy!

Different Uses:

  • Planner – obviously
  • Habit tracking
  • TBR + Books Read tracking
  • Practice your handwriting! – add artsy words all over your planner and it’s going to look amazing
  • To-Do lists – biggest thing I use planners for, this is amazingly handy, also very satisfying scratching out something from a to-do list.

Different Planner Styles I’ve Used:

  • Happy Planner – lot’s of white room, easy to use stickers specially made for this format, also really cute planners!
  • Bullet Journal – for the people who need a specific layout, very easy to customize + change up day to day and month to month, you can use literally any journal to do this!
  • iPad Planning – this is a weird section I got into once I got my iPad Pro and wanted to use it for everything…. for this one it’s also very easy to customize, also for people who need a specific layout, you can design your own covers and tabs!
  • Phone Calender – this is basically just using the calender app as well as Google Keep for my to-do lists (which I have been loving lately!)
  • Regular Planner – is is for those people who need a planner to look cute but also have a lot going on and need something to be very functional, these planners have lot’s of room for your daily activities as well as anything else you want to add on to your planner regime!

To end this blog off I’d like to mention an amazing contest that Old English Company has going on for planners at the moment!

In honour of World Stationary Day coming on April 25th, Old English Company is running a giveaway for 4 of their new planners! FOUR PLANNERS you can win. If that’s not amazing I don’t know what is, I definitely wish I could enter.

Click here to go to the page that discusses the giveaway!


You can also click here to go to their planner page on their website – definitely at least take a look at them because they are so cute!


That concludes my, rather lofty, blog post all about planners. I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to follow my blog as well as my other social media’s linked in the side bar!

Until next time,

Rimpy Toor

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2 thoughts on “An Ode to Planning

  1. I really love the *idea* of planners, but I kind of doubt I’d keep up with one. I’m all about convenience and function, so, for now, it’s a mix of Calendar, Wunderlist, post-its, and I’ve recently started dabbling with Google Keep.


    1. I’m totally the same way! I just find that I don’t have the time to take an extra step to find my calendar and flip to the page to find out what time I’m working next or what plans I have! Plus I love aesthetic quality of planners!


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