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Hello everyone!

I watched The Greatest Showman a couple days ago and fell completely in love. This movie was one that I was positive I was going to love, it just took me a while to get to watching it. I’m so happy that it was everything I wanted and more.

I was raving about my love for it on Twitter and was tagged to do this tag by Megs (Twitter + Blog).

Alright, let’s get into it!

The Greatest Show

A book that gave you all the feels

A book that has and will always give me all the feels is When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. This novel is one that I read a couple years ago and fell completely in love with. It’s an incredible novel about the life changing impact of cancer and how Paul Kalanithi went through his transition from being a neurosurgeon to becoming a cancer patient.

I HIGHLY recommend this novel.

A Million Dreams

A book that left you dreaming after finishing

One book that left me dreaming would have to be the entire Harry Potter series. I loved this series, and anytime I do a re-read I love it even more. The magic in this novel is dream worthy and it definitely has me dreaming of a life in which I am able to perform spells and go to a school like Hogwarts. If only…

Come Alive

A book where a character finally accepts themselves

A book in which I saw a character finally accept themselves would have to be The Last Act of Love. This novel was heartbreaking and eyeopening. I definitely recommend that everyone read this novel if you have the opportunity.

It follows an incredible story of a girl whose brother is hit by a car and suffers serious head injuries. This left him in a permanent vegetative state which took an enormous toll on his entire family. This story is a real story about a real tragedy and it’s very interesting to read and see how this family copes with this situation.

The Other Side

A character that changed your opinion on them

Uh, this one is kind of obvious, but I’m going to pick Rhys from A Court of Mist and Fury. This is one character that I definitely changed my opinion about in the second book of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series. He was such an incredible character to read about and the growth that was displayed in regards to him was very impressive. I’m definitely on team Rhys now.

Never Enough

An author or book series you could never get enough of

A series that I really could never get enough of is Red Rising. I’ve only read the first two books of this series so I’m currently safe from possible withdrawal, but the anticipation of not being in this world once I’ve finished Iron Gold is unbearable. I’m so invested in this storyline and I could not bear to part with it.

This Is Me

A book you love despite everyone hating it

One book (series) that I love that gets a lot of dislikes would have to be the entire Throne of Glass series. I know a lot of people do definitely love this series, but it does get a lot of hate as well. This series is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

Rewrite the Stars

An OTP that overcome a lot to finally be together

I know it’s not legit, but KELL and LILA.


An author/book series that gives you serious trust issues

Again. My trust issues come from Pierce Brown because he literally turns each book on it’s head and changes them up so fast! I can’t feel comfortable when reading them because I know something will happen to change my entire thought process!

From Now On

A book you’ve ignored for so long and finally need to read

I haven’t started this yet, but I’ve bought Shatter Me and I think it’s finally time for me to pick that book up. Especially since the new novel just came out – it’s time to get my stuff together!

Alright everyone, that concludes my The Greatest Showman tag!

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to follow my blog as well as my other social media sites linked in the side bar.

Until next time,

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