5 Ways I Procrastinate

Hey guys!

Today for Whatever Wednesday I wanted to talk about procrastination.

I for one, am a very big procrastinator. It happens when I’m in reading slums, when I have a test, or anything else important I need to do. It’s horrible.

There are many ways that I procrastinate and I wanted to mention all the different ways in this post!


1. Netflix

This is an obvious choice. Usually I use this to binge watch TV and it’s always something that once I start I can’t stop.

Netflix is horrible for everything on my to-do list.

Netflix is also a great thing for me when I know I need to finish a book (especially ARCs) and don’t really feel like it. This is currently happening, and Netflix is my best friend.

2. Books

Books are my top choice to procrastinate from school work or studying. I will definitely pick up a novel if I have a test the next day. Typical.

3. Sleep

I love sleep.

I love naps.

I love going to sleep late at night after staying up.

I love going to sleep after coming home from work/school.

I love taking a nap and then waking up to go to do an errand and then coming home and going to sleep again.

I procrastinate with sleep.

I love sleep.

4. Going to the Mall

Shopping is fun, and it’s a great way to procrastinate in a positive(?) way.

I think this probably isn’t the best way to procrastinate. Especially for my wallet.

5. Eating

Eating out is a great way to procrastinate because everything you’re running from can’t follow you there!!

This can also add to the pain my wallet feels, but I definitely have agreed to plans just so I don’t have to study or do homework.

So, those are all the ways I procrastinate from all my responsibilities. I’m sure I could think of more, but for now those are all the major one’s I wanted to mention.

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Until next time,

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10 thoughts on “5 Ways I Procrastinate

  1. I definitely procrastinate by watching tv and reading books too haha. I also procrastinate by cleaning or starting on an assignment that I don’t need to finish until weeks later while the other one is far more urgent? I don’t know why I do that help. Oh and scrolling through Tumblr and Instagram rest in peace all the hours I lost πŸ˜‚

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  2. Heh, my biggest form of procrastinating is doing thinks I think will make me productive but actually don’t, like spending a lot of time reading and replying to emails, and participating in Facebook groups for bloggers that don’t actually help me with anything in the end (they just make me moody).

    Netflix used to be a big thing, but I watch it more for research and self-care purposes instead.

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  3. For me books = blogging = productive so I don’t count it as procastination.I usually eat WHILST doing something so #winning.I’m not a fan of TV shows? More books for me please. And shopping just…NOT ME EITHER. And I can’t take naps before night sooo…NOT ME EITHER.


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