Still Alice by Lisa Genova

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Today I’m bringing you a review of the novel Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I was assigned to watch the movie for this novel for school, but I had the book and I figured why not?

I was so happy that I decided to read the novel because it was amazing.

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Goodreads Rating: 4.3/530290845
Pages: 292 pages
Published: July 6th, 2007
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Contemporary, Fiction, PsychologyPURCHASE HERE

Alice Howland is proud of the life she worked so hard to build. At fifty years old, she’s a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard and a world-renowned expert in linguistics with a successful husband and three grown children. When she becomes increasingly disoriented and forgetful, a tragic diagnosis changes her life–and her relationship with her family and the world–forever.

This novel was heartbreaking. Watching Alice and her family go through the struggle of dealing with her diagnosis and living with the pain of knowing what would happen is something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

Throughout this novel I was very interested to see what would happen next. What would she forget? How would the family react? How would she react?

I’m not going to tell you her diagnosis, but it is not very hard to figure out.

This novel isn’t really all about the diagnosis itself, it’s about how the family struggles to deal with it, and how Alice lives with knowing what she knows.

I am positive you will tear up during this novel. I did. It’s sad and makes you read things that you don’t want to read and it makes you really feel for everyone in the novel itself.

The only thing that I slightly disliked about this novel was the fact that at times it became kind of repetitive and I felt like fast forwarding through those parts.

As for the movie, I was very disappointed with the way it turned out. I don’t know if it’s because I watched it right after finishing the novel, but it just fell flat for me. There were a lot of great and important parts that were left out and I thought that it just didn’t measure up to what the book did.

All in all, I am so thankful I was assigned this story for school. Who knows when I would have read it otherwise. This novel taught me a lot of cognitive issues and I think it’s important for everyone to read – to gain insight into the lives of people living with cognitive disorders.

That concludes my review for Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment down below letting me know if you’ve read this novel and what you thought about it.

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