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How To: Write a Clear and Concise Blog Post

I am so happy with the results I got for my Tips and Tricks to Build a New Blog post so I figured I’d continue the series with a post on how to write a clear and concise blog post. 

This is going to be a basic outline to how to write out a post that looks simple but also allows your reader to easily follow what you’re saying!

Obviously this is not something you have to do. A major part of blogging is being able to be creative and let people get to know you – whether that be through your blog posts or the way you decorate your blog!

This is more so for the newer bloggers who are looking for a simple outline to follow until they find what works for them!

Step 1: Use the Horizontal Line Feature!

This helps to separate and organize your blog post. It may not seem like much, but this makes such a huge difference in the way your blog post looks and the way that it flows.

I use this between books if I’m doing a wrap up/haul, and I also do this between book stats and my thoughts if I’m doing a review, but honestly, you can use this in any way that you want. It’s very versatile!

Step 2: Use Headers!

Headers, and any variation in font size, is also a great was to organize your posts. Larger fonts draw the readers eye to them and allows an easy separation between differing thoughts and ideas. 

I like to use this when I’m trying to ensure my reader knows when my topic or idea is about to switch over to something else. 

I’ll put my book title in the header, if I’m doing star ratings, I’ll put the stars in a larger font. It really can be anything!

Step 3: Don’t Have Too Much White Space

White space makes your blog look boring as well as let’s your reader’s eyes drift away from the actual post. Lessening this white space helps your reader stay focused on what you’re saying.

Ways I do this is by adding photos to my posts and having them align to the right side. This fills the space and adds a photo to your post that will also interest the reader even more!

Step 4: Pictures!

Having pictures in your post is so, so important. Pictures are an easy way to garner interest to your blog and it’s also a great way to give your reader a quick view into what your post is about and what they should expect to see. 

If you’re doing a book haul, TBR, book review or anything along those lines – I suggest you add a picture for each and every novel that you mention. People love to see the covers of novels they’re thinking about reading and it goes a long way to cement their desire to read a certain novel. 

Additionally, adding a featured image to your post that either encompasses all aspects of your post (every book cover that you mentioned) or is simple and includes a title of the blog post – is an added way to allow readers to want to click your post. 

Step 5: Use Words the Reader Understands

This is something that seems like common sense, but I feel like I should mention it nonetheless. Using large and lengthy words is something that I feel like all bloggers feel like they should do, but they really don’t have to. 

Using common language is the perfect way to make your blog post relatable to your reader – and make them feel like you’re just one of their friends. 

Step 6: Keep Your Posts UNIFORM

Uniformity is key when running a blog. It doesn’t look good when you have posts that all look different and don’t fit any kind of uniformity. 

Keeping a uniform blog is an easy way to not only keep it neat, but to also help your reader keep a memory of whose blog their reading. If you have a set outline and way to write your posts – readers will see a post and automatically know it’s you. 

Additionally, if your readers are fans of what your posts look like, then there’s a higher chance they’ll love each and every post you put out!

Step 7: Don’t Try to Be Someone Other Than Yourself

I’ve given you all of these tips – and the best tip of all is to just be true to yourself. If you like the way something looks, make it work! Anything can make a post look good, and on top of that, having a unique touch will make your blog different.

There’s nothing worse than reading blogs that all look the same – so take these tips, but put your personal flare on your post.

That’s about all I have to mention right now. I hope that this helps all you new blog owners (or older blog owners!).

I want to thank you all for the support that you have given me since starting this blog, and I hope that if you enjoy this, or any of my posts, then please follow me on this blog! Your support truly means the world and I’m so glad this is the community I decided to be a part of.

Thank you all so much for reading!

Until next time,

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6 replies on “How To: Write a Clear and Concise Blog Post”

Thank you so much! I’ve just started using the horizontal feature!!! The only thing I’m unhappy about with WordPress is the fact that I am unable to use font size. I realize that’s what the headers are for, but I’m just so used to switching font size. Also, my colour of my font seems to change, too. It took me twenty minutes to find the colour that the rest of my blog was in, when I added orange to a phrase, to add a splash of colour!!!

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These are all really great tips, Rimpy! I wish I had known some of them myself when I first started out but I also really enjoyed my learning experience while running the blog with Sandra! If you were to look at my earliest posts, they definitely don’t look anything like what they look like now, but I love that you can actually see that transformation!

The horizontal line has probably become my most used tool and I love it so much! It’s such a handy tool whenever I do wrap ups or hauls where I feature a lot of books as it breaks them up nicely! And pictures are a must for sure – especially with hauls and reviews! I feel like they also make sure your readers remember that they’ve read about that book before if/when they stumble upon it in a bookstore or online!

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Definitely! I’m glad the tips are ones that are actually helpful! I never know if I’m just odd with the way I do things or if it’s actually something that makes sense! Also it’s great that you can see the improvement – it really makes you appreciate the first posts you made!

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Great tips! I love when people write clear posts! I enjoy reading discussions on blogs, but I do frequently come across ones where I can’t really tell what the blogger’s main point is, and that can be really frustrating.

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