Mind of Winter by Laura Kasischke

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Welcome to my review for Mind of Winter by Laura Kasischke!

Although this novel is something that I didn’t anticipate reading, it was something that I’m very happy I did read. I found it at Chapters for about $5 and it was totally worth it!

I’ll touch upon my feelings in a bit, right now I’m going to jump right into the review!

Goodreads Rating: 3.31/5 18698841
Release Date: August 22nd, 2013

Pages: 304 pages
Publisher: Harper Perennial
Read on: March 5th, 2017

On a snowy Christmas morning, Holly Judge awakens with the fragments of a nightmare floating on the edge of her consciousness. Something followed them from Russia.Thirteen years ago, she and her husband Eric adopted baby Tatty, their pretty, black-haired Rapunzel, from the Pokrovka Orphanage #2. Now, at fifteen, Tatiana is more beautiful than ever – and disturbingly erratic. As a blizzard rages outside, Holly and Tatiana are alone.  With each passing hour, Tatiana’s mood darkens, and her behaviour becomes increasingly frightening, until Holly finds  she no longer recognizes her daughter.

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My Thoughts

This book was an incredibly interesting and slightly sinister read. It’s very easy for me to say that this novel will keep you on your toes for its entirety and you will never stop guessing. Right when you think you’ve got it figured out, the book flips a switch and you’re left guessing again. 

This novel follows the lives of Holly and Eric and their adopted daughter Tatiana. This couple went to Russia years ago to adopt their daughter Tatiana, and ever since they have had no issues with her. The plot begins with Holly waking up on Christmas morning with the fear that something had followed them home from Russia

The novel begins with Holly and Tatiana being left home alone (great idea), and they are waiting the arrival of the rest of their family for their annual Christmas dinner. As you can already assume, a lot happens in the time span that they are left alone and when their family arrives. 

This book was a rollercoaster, it had me on the tip of my seat a lot and for some moments it even had my heart racing at moments. I had bought this novel in hopes of staying entertained as well-being a quick read for when I don’t feel like reading an overly large novel. 

In this novel there are very high suspense and horror elements and it’s really something that you shouldn’t read at night, alone in your house. Trust me. 

This novel also has a huge flashback aspect; it is almost every other chapter that you’re met with a different perspective to the story.  I find this very interesting to read, especially with the added suspense of waiting for the next flashback/flashforward to come up. 

All in all, I thought this novel was great. It helped me get out of a tough reading slump and it was also a quick read that left my mind reeling by the end. 

There you have my review for Mind of Winter by Laura Kasischke. 

I really hope you liked it! Please leave a comment down below if you’ve read this gem, or if you’re looking to read it now! 

Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time. 

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